Capacity Building Series

The SLPO Board was pleased and excited to partner again with Mosaic Beginnings to provide a series of capacity building workshops for area nonprofit organizations. Mosaic Beginnings is a management consulting firm with a diverse team of consultants with over 100 years of combined experience committed to increasing organizational capacity for organizations, helping them achieve and, often, exceed their goals. The capacity building workshops are available at no cost to agencies and address areas to support and enhance organizational development and sustainability.

The 2021-2022 Workshop series included topics on grantwriting, best practices and collaboration, and governance. Prior topics also included program evaluation and financial management. Planning for the 2022-2023 series is underway. If you would like to share potential topics for consideration, feel free to contact the SLPO office at

Recordings of the workshops and related materials can be found on the password-protected website (see link below). The website is an additional resource for participants who register for any of the workshops.

SLPO Capacity Building Password-Protected Site: