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Capacity Building Series

Spring 2024 Capacity Building Opportunity on Leadership and Creating a Culture for Change!


The St. Louis Philanthropic Organization is excited to announce its Spring capacity building workshop on Leadership and Change Management! Our esteemed workshop presenters are Anthony and Miriam Dicks from 180 Management Group, a specialized operations and consulting firm focusing on operational strategy and design for nonprofit organizations (
















Join us for this complimentary two-part workshop scheduled for March 6th beginning at 8:30 a.m. The workshop will be conducted both virtually and in person in the Convening Center at the Missouri Foundation for Health, 4254 Vista Avenue.  




More about the Workshops


"Transforming Your Leadership To Thrive In A Rapidly Changing World"

We are living in an age of drastic change. The pandemic, polarizing politics, culture wars, and divergent
ideas about diversity have taken a toll on organizations that seek to make our communities a place where
everyone can thrive. The work you do is more important now than ever before. How do you lead in a
constantly changing environment? How do you lead an organization that is required to change internally so
that it can create change externally? How do you transform your leadership to not only meet the needs of a
changing community but also thrive because of it? Disruptive changes in our society require disciplined leaders. During this workshop, participants will address the disruptive external changes that create opportunities for disciplined leaders. Our expert facilitator will provide steps a leader can take to thrive in an age of disruption. Participants 
will  "be stretched" in order to enhance their flexibility and adaptability. This workshop is tailored specifically for nonprofit decision-makers.

"Developing a Culture of Change in Your Organization"

Now more than ever, we need organizations that are agile and flexible in order to respond to the challenges
that we face not only in our communities but amongst our team. It is not enough to know WHAT changes
we need to adopt, we need to know HOW we make change possible. Many organizations suffer from change fatigue. The constant shifting of priorities, the continual implementation of short-term quick fixes, and results that don't align with efforts make our teams tired. Not only do they tire, they become apathetic toward new changes. In order to overcome change fatigue and a culture of apathy, there needs to be a clear path forward. Organizations that are good at managing change have made cultural shifts to make change last. In this session we will discuss the cultural shifts that your organization needs to make to implement and manage change that supports your organization's strategy.
Our expert facilitator will discuss change management principles and strategies that leaders can readily adopt in their
organizations as they undergo change initiatives and enhance their learning experience.


For any inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to the SLPO office at or (314) 534-4452. 



Grantwriting Workshop

On Thursday, December 13, 2023, the St. Louis Philanthropic Organization (SLPO) teamed up with Mosaic Beginnings to present an enriching grantwriting workshop, "Leveling Up: Grantwriting Designed to Take Your Organization to the Next Level."

What You Gained:

  • 📚 Insights into impactful grant writing

  • 🎙️ Recorded session for convenient access

  • 🖥️ PowerPoint presentation to guide your strategy

  • 📑 Resource document for comprehensive support


Why You Should Watch:

If you missed the live session, now is your chance to access valuable resources. Dive into the tools that can transform your organization and elevate your capacity to make a lasting impact in St. Louis City.

Ready to level up? Explore the recording, presentation, and resources available on our capacity building website at

[Link to Recording]  slpo-grant-writing-workshop-2023.mp4

[Link to PowerPoint]









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