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Funding Criteria

Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria

The St. Louis Philanthropic Organization Board grantmaking guidelines and eligibility criteria are below to assist organizations in completing their applications.


Screening Criteria  

Organizations must meet the Screening Criteria to be considered for funding.

The proposed project aligns with the SLPO's mission.

  • Funds must be used solely for programs and services that improve the quality of life for St. Louis City residents.

  • The application is complete and all required copies and attachments are included. (See Application Instructions)

  • For Responsive Grants, the grant amount requested does not exceed $10,000.

  • Programs and services promote equity by reducing disparities, and creating access to opportunities and resources that provide a fair chance at success and social mobility.

  • Programs and services promote equity as they do not discriminate based on race/ethnicity, gender, age, economic disadvantage, disability or sexual orientation and other factors.

  • Prior responsive grant recipients demonstrate good stewardship of previous funding awarded by submitting all necessary progress and final program and financial reports. Further, those reports document that the organization used the funds as specified and achieved the intended outcomes.

Application-Specific Guidelines — These questions are a guide and will help Board Members evaluate the application for funding.                            

  • Statement of Need — Will proposed program/project realistically address the stated needs? Did the organization demonstrate an understanding of the community problem and clearly identify the population benefiting from the program/project?

  • Program/Project Objectives — Are objectives related to the intended results and measurable? Do the intended results reflect realistic expectations and are clearly connected to the identified problem(s)?

  • Promotion of Equity — Does the agency state how the program/project does not discriminate and will reduce disparities, creating access to opportunities and resources that provide a fair chance at success and social mobility?

  • Program/Project Implementation — Does this program provide solutions or strategies that are not provided by other organizations? Will the proposed activities likely achieve the intended objectives?

  • Monitoring/Evaluation — Is there a plan to monitor and evaluate the program? Does the organization describe how success will be determined and measured?

  • Procedures to Limit Use of Funds to St. Louis City Residents — Are the procedures to ensure SLPO grant funds are used only for St. Louis residents clear and feasible?

  • Organization and Program/Project Budgets — Are the budgets complete and appropriate to program? Are the budget expenditures justified? Are there currently enough resources secured to implement program? If yes, what are the other sources of funding? If no, is there a plan to obtain the necessary funding?

Program Requests Typically Not Funded

The SLPO typically will not provide grants for the following:

  • Academic or health research

  • Annual appeals and fundraising events

  • Capital Improvements

  • Colleges and universities — general operating or research

  • Debt reduction

  • Endowments

  • Equipment not Directly Related to Program Implementation

  • Individuals

  • Political action groups or campaigns

  • General Publications or marketing materials not directly related to program implementation

  • Start—up of new organizations (e.g., purchase or lease of building, office furniture)

  • Think tanks

Grant Reporting Forms

The SLPO grant agreement specifies report submission expectations for recipient organizations, Grantees whose funded programs/projects operate for nine months or longer are expected to submit a progress report midway through the grant period, and a program and financial final report within 30 days of the end of the grant period. Grantees whose programs/projects operate for less than nine months (e.g., summer programs) are expected to submit a program and financial final report within 30 days of the end of the grant period. The required Progress and Final Report Forms are located under the Grant Report Forms tab.

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